Mr. Pope is a contract litigator for other law firms as well as the attorney in charge of the Pope Law firm cases whether they are in suit or not. This means other law firms, who are unable to resolve cases with the initial adjuster, enlist the help of Mr. Pope to file the case and pursue it in court. There are certain procedures and skills that Mr. Pope has developed over time that make him proficient at pursuing cases that require some sort of court proceeding. Most catastrophic or very serious injury cases do require some sort of court action before they resolve.

Mr. Pope handles cases in a large geographical area including the eastern 2/3 of North Carolina. He also handles a limited number of cases in out-of-state courts where he is allowed to practice on a case-by-case basis.

Mr. Pope’s experience ranges from cases that are worth tens of thousands of dollars to cases that are worth millions of dollars.

Because Mr. Pope has been a litigator for 30 years, he is likely to be familiar with the lawyer or law firm hired by the insurance company to defend your claim. Because he will have familiarity with the lawyers and adjusters on the other side, he will be able to deal with them on an equal footing as they will be aware that he focuses extensively on pursuing cases in the lawsuit phase.

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