What if I can’t come in for an appointment?

We can either come to you, or we can have a video conference by Zoom at your convenience.

Can I recover my lost wages?

Yes, if you miss work as a result of the injury, that becomes part of your claim. If you have impaired earning capacity as a result of the injuries, we can claim the decrease in your earning capacity over the remainder of your employable life.

What happens if my injury is permanent or I need future care?

In North Carolina, if you have a permanent injury, you are able to seek recovery for what you will endure for the rest of your life.

What happens if my case can’t be resolved with the adjuster?

In cases where the adjuster does not make a fair offer, you have the option of filing a lawsuit and pursuing a court case. Just because we have to file a lawsuit, does not necessarily mean that your case is going to go to court. It does mean that we will be required to answer questions about your prior condition. Maybe you will sit with me for a question-and-answer session by a defense attorney hired by the insurance company and you may even go through a procedure called Mediation. At Mediation, we exchange figures to see if your case can resolve prior to actually going to court.

What if I have Medicaid or Medicare?

Medicaid and Medicare are entitled to be repaid from the proceeds of your injury case. Medicare requires that we re-pay the full amount that they have expended on your case. Medicaid has limitations on how much of your case they will require to be paid to them. Medicaid cannot exceed half of the balance of your case after attorney’s fees and costs.

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