Military Personnel Injured in Accident?

Are you military personnel that has been injured in an accident?  As a dependent or retiree injured in an accident, you may receive care either at a government facility or care from a civilian provider that is covered under Tri-care. You may also be entitled to compensation through the legal system.
Under such circumstances, the United States will have a claim for what is paid to the civilian provider on your behalf or for the reasonable value the services rendered at the government facility. Why Not Contact us for a Free Case Review? There is no obligation.

65- 70% of our Clients have some sort of Military Connection…

or receive Tri-care medical coverage. Accordingly, we are quite familiar in dealing with the United States claims for reimbursement and have done so in thousands of cases.

The United States will authorize The Pope Law Firm to represent not only you for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering, but will also authorize The Pope Law Firm and you to seek recovery, for the Sole Use and Benefit of the United States of America, on its behalf.

Therefore, if a lawsuit is filed, it will appear under your name John Doe, Individually and for the Sole Use and Benefit of the United States of America.

You should also be aware that we are prohibited from charging any fee on the portion of the recovery which goes to the United States Treasury. Therefore, any fee charged on your case will only be charged on the portion representing recovery over and above the government reimbursement. In other words,  you would only pay an attorney‘s fee based on the amount after medicals as opposed to an attorney’s fee on the entire recovery.

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